Influence of detuning and Kerr nonlinearity on atom-atom entanglement in the double two-photon Jaynes–Cummings model

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In this work, the authors investigated the dynamics of entanglement of two identical two-level atoms (qubits) in the framework of the two-photon double Jaynes–Cummings model, taking into account the detuning between atoms and the double frequency of the field modes of the resonators, as well as the Kerr medium in both resonators. The authors derived the time dependence of the negativity parameter for the Bell initial states of the atoms and the vacuum states of the resonator fields. The results showed that detuning and Kerr nonlinearity leads to stabilization of the entanglement for all initial Bell-type atomic states. For some initial atomic entanglement states, the detuning and Kerr environment in the resonators can prevent the effect of sudden death of the atom-atom entanglement.

About the authors

Rodion K. Zakharov

Samara National Research University


Evgeny K. Bashkirov

Samara National Research University

Author for correspondence.


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