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The article touches upon the issues of the influence of negative factors on the inspection of the scene of a traffic accident in the investigation of crimes related to violations of traffic rules and the operation of vehicles in the field of passenger transportation. Attention is drawn to the fact that video recording is one of the resources of forensically significant information about an accident that has occurred, one of the sources of which are video recorders. The tasks to be solved when examining data from recorders are determined. The classification of devices is given depending on the type of vehicles equipped with them. The issues of detection, seizure and use of information from video recorders are considered. The technical features and capabilities of DVRs are analyzed, which are directly related to the analysis of information about the event. The specifics of the process of recording streaming data (RAW video stream) on the device at the time of the emergency shutdown of the recorder as a result of an accident, as well as the peculiarities of ensuring the safety of information and its withdrawal are touched upon. The types and possibilities of forensic examinations are indicated, the object of research of which can subsequently be a recording from a video recorder. The question is raised about the need for an explanatory work by the investigator with the participants and eyewitnesses of the accident in order to prevent the irrevocable loss of information about the accident contained on their devices.

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M. V. Syretsky

Omsk Academy of the Ministry of the Interior of Russia

Author for correspondence.
Russian Federation


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