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The author uses O. S. Ioffe’s classification of structure of contractual communications on simple and complex by criterion of concurrence of parties to the contract and implementer, considers different variants of formation of structure of contractual communications at managing multi-family building by homeowners association and specialized cooperative; the author differentiates these variants depending on how these subjects manage multi-family building – directly or by contract with managing organization. The author concludes that process ofmanaging a multi-family building by homeowners association and specialized cooperative has multilevel management system and complex structure ofcontractual communications. In addition, the author analyzes some advantages and disadvantages of different management options, in critical keys considers some formulations of current housing legislation.

About the authors

A. V. Trufanov

Department of Civil and Business Law, Samara National Research University

Author for correspondence.
Russian Federation


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Copyright (c) 2018 А. В. Труфанов

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