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In practice there are questions connected with recognition by inadmissible proofs, protocols of identification in connection with abnormality of its carrying out, or incorrectness of fixing of results. The insufficient uregulirovannost the legislator of an order of carrying out identification brings in the subsequent to loss of one of proofs – the protocol of identification inadmissible that affects crime investigation process in general. For ensuring quality of carrying out presentation for identification it is offered to settle more carefully and consistently an order of carrying out this investigative action, to formulate the conditions necessary for its implementation. Need of settlement of an order of carrying out identification of animal and rare objects is proved. The offer on need of settlement of an order of presentation for identification with juvenile children for ensuring their physical and mental protection is proved. The position about a possibility of carrying out repeated identification when carrying out initial identification according to photos of more twelve-year prescription is proved.

About the authors

L. G. Tatyanina

Department of Criminal Procedure and Law-Enforcement Activity, Udmurt State University

Author for correspondence.
Russian Federation


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Copyright (c) 2018 Л. Г. Татьянина

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