Method of calculating GTE gas-thermodynamic parameters with blade row description of an axial multistage compressor
Boyko L.G., Karpenko E.L., Akhtemenko U.F.
Numerical method for determining the parameters of a creep curve on the basis of Soderberg law
Makarov R.Y.
Leader competition in biological and social systems
Pivovarova A.S., Steryakov A.A.
Method of lossless image compression in the Earth remote sensing systems
Petrov E.P., Kharina N.L., Sukhikh P.N.
Research of machinability of heat resistant steels 10Х11НN23T3MР-ВД used in parts of gas turbine engines
Surkov O.S., Kondratiev A.I., Alexeev V.P., Haymovich A.I.
Models of economic agents’ interaction in conditions of an asymmetric information structure
Yakunin A.M.
Strength analysis of internal combustion engine elements by using ANSYS with taking into account heat processes in the combustion chamber
Biryuk V.V., Gorshkalev A.A., Kayukov S.S., Saigakov E.A.
Developing models of information-analytical monitoring system design, engineering and manufacturing processes aircraft companies
Zheleznov O.V., Blyumenshteyn A.A., Chernikov M.S.
Conceptual model of the formation of flying skills in the process of training using flight simulators
Godunov A.I., Kuatov B.Z., Yurkov N.K., Kurtaev S.Z.
The influence of the shuttle effect on the intensification of heat losses in a Stirling engine
Savchenko V.A., Stolyarov S.P.
Automatization of creation vane models for CAE with PROFILER
Shabliy L.S., Dmitrieva I.B., Popov G.M.
Theoretical and experimental analysis of the thermal state of transport aircraft compartments thermal state
Nikolayev V.N.
The effect of heat recovery on the optimal values of helicopter turboshaft engine parameters
Omar H.H., Kuz'michev V.S., Zagrebelnyi A.O., Grigoriev V.A.
Simulation design, kinematic and dynamic analysis of "virtual piston engine"
Gvozdev A.S., Melentjev V.S.
Modeling static and dynamic characteristics of pressure reducing valves
Igolkin A.A.
Analysis of the terminological status of the «overall cost» concept (methodological aspect)
Sosnina T.N.
Calculation method for determining the characteristics of elastic-damping suspension made of metal analoque of rubber for plain bearings
Parovay Y.F., Parovay F.V.
Accuracy control method for space complex products at the stage of design engineering
Yelenev V.D., Shuplyak Y.P.
Peculiarities of using additional low-power energy sources in the power supply system of small spacecraft
Kargu D.L., Beznyakov A.M., Nemirov A.V., Radionov N.V., Chudnovsky Y.A.
Optimization of strength characteristics of lighting devices aircraft by construction of virtual models
Abulkhanov S.R., Goryainov D.S., Skuratov D.L.
Heat exchange parameters of units and pipelines of the aircraft hydraulic system
Nikolayev V.N.
Determination of loads on perforated tank partition
Filipov A.G., Glazkov I.E.
Development of a structural and algorithmic model of pur-poseful actions of experts in maintenance and repair
Koptev A.N., Popovich A.A.
Method of compression of digital halftone images on the basis of markov chains with several states
Petrov E.P., Harina N.L., Rzhanikova E.D.
Use of phase portraits of hydro-mechanical units for diagnosing aircraft hydraulic systems
Gareyev A.M., Popelnyuk I.A.
Development of a technique of molding small complex parts of gas turbine engines from high-temperature alloys using additive technologies
Smelov V.G., Balyakin A.V., Agapovichev A.V., Vdovin R.A.
Simulation of ultrashort pulse transmission in a chain of fused silica microspheres
Kozlova E.S.
Modal analysis of the dynamic mockup of “AIST–2D” small spacecraft
Igolkin A.A., Safin A.I., Filipov A.G.
Development of automated systems LC UPD
Blyumenshteyn A.A., Chernikov M.S., Zheleznov O.V.
Mathematical modeling of the process of selective laser melting of Ti-6Al-4V titanium alloy powder
Agapovichev A.V., Sotov A.V., Smelov V.G.
Algorithm of planning operational and financial activity of a manufacturing enterprise
Bogatyryov V.D., Yesipova O.V.
Method of reducing design aerodynamic characteristics to the results of drain tests of a transport category aircraft model
Bondar Y.I.
Stabilization of a pilot-operated gas pressure control valve by placing a throttle at the inlet
Stadnik D.M., Sverbilov V.Y., Makaryants G.M., Makaryants M.V.
Modelling the architecture of a system controlling the condition of maintenance objects
Koptev A.N., Yergaliyev D.S., Sakhanov K.Z.
Research of small spacecraft dynamiсs taking into account the influence of elastic vibrations of asjacent solar panels and aerodynamic moment
Yelenev V.D., Titov B.A., Davydov E.I., Davydov I.E., Kochyan A.G., Yudintsev V.V.
Calculating the parameters of eddy current converters when testing several samples of cylindrical shape
Gainullina G.M., Polulekh A.V.
Experimental and design analysis of models of cyclic compression for a multilayer multispan package of corrugated sheets
Eskin I.D., Alkeev R.I., Ivashchenko V.I.
Analysis of models of fuel elements while using of surface mountng
Knyazeva G.N., Krasnoshchekova G.F., Tyulevin S.V.
Method of producer 3D parametric models of sample parts in SIEMNES NX
Goryachkin E.S., Rjazanov A.I., Urlapkin A.V., Chempinskiy L.A.
Numerical method of determining creep model parameters within the first two stages of creep
Zoteev V.E., Makarov R.Y.
Development of a mathematical model of winding made of non-impregnated aramid fibers for strength analysis of the combined fan case in GTE compressor blade separation
Krundaeva A.N., Shmotin Y.N., Tomilina T.V.
Some features of nonlinear interaction of vibration modes of thin circular cylindrical shells
Taranukha N.A., Leyzerovich G.S.
Modeling of stall cavitation sensitivity of a booster turbopump assembly and comparison between experimental and numerical results
Kazyonnov I.S., Kanalin U.I., Poletaev N.P., Chernisheva I.A.
Mathematical model of training and self-training in maintenance of complicated systems
Koptev A.N., Popovich A.A.
Spacecraft power supply system using additional low-power sources of energy
Kargu D.L., Beznyakov A.M., Nemirov A.V.
Functional components of the model of pedagogical activity of a distance learning teacher
Belousov A.I., Gromova T.V.
Real-time control algorithms requirements verification mathematical model implementation in visual design computer-aided system
Shulyndin A.V., Tjugashev A.A.
Mathematical model for calculating the mass of a heat exchanger in problems of optimizing the parameters of the working process of aircraft gas turbine engines
Kuz'michev V.S., Omar H., Tkachenko A.Y., Bobrik A.A.
Analysis оf the cutting force of heat resisting alloys during high-speed milling
Khaimovich A.I., Kuznetsov A.V.
High fidelity modeling at early stages of airframe structural design
Boldyrev A.V., Komarov V.A.
Comparative analysis of different approaches to designing thin-walled element structures of composite materials
Komarov V.A., Tchernyaev A.V.
Validation of CFD-models of gas turbine engine uncooled turbines
Matveev V.N., Popov G.M., Goryachkin E.S., Smirnova Y.D.
Improving the efficiency of aviation turbofan engines by using an intercooler and a recuperative heat exchanger
Omar H., Kuz'michev V.S., Tkachenko A.Y.
Calculation of hydrodynamic noise in the diffuser of a pulsation damper flow channel
Makaryants G.M., Gafurov S.A., Zubrilin I.A., Kryuchkov A.N., Shakhmatov Y.V., Berestovitsky E.G., Gladilin Y.A.
Verifying models of mechatronic systems «man-centrifuge» for ground and space usage on the basis of set theory
Anshakov G.P., Akulov V.A., Balakin V.L.
ASMTurbC method of autonomous statistical modeling of diffusion turbulent combustion and the results of its testing
Nuzhnov Y.V.
Decision-making in the deposit and credit market on the implementation of a mortgage deal in case of coordinated money flows
Korostelyova T.S.
A model of monitoring the demand function in the context of a polipoly with the "ASK-RENTGEN" enterprise taken as an example
Bogatyrev V.D., Levitan V.G.
CFD-modeling of processes in a high-pressure oxidizer pump for the turbopump assembly of a liquid rocket engine
Zubanov V.M., Shabliy L.S.
Universal approach to the description of working medium chambers for simulating hydraulic and pneumatic systems
Timofeyev Y.M., Khalatov E.M.
Numerical study of gasdynamic characteristics counterflow burner with use of anisotropic models of turbulence
Piralishvily S.A., Guryanov A.I., Badernikov A.V.
Assessing reduction gear mass in the problem of optimizing parameters of the working process of a turboprop engine at the initial design stage
Grigoryev V.A., Zagrebelnyi A.O., Prokaev A.S., Kuznetsov S.P.
Models of competitive interaction between enterprises and formation of parametrically stable equilibrium states
Grishanov G.M., Kolychev S.A., Klentak L.S.
Development techniques of casting complex parts of aerospace profiles using additive technologies
Agapovichev A.V., Balaykin A.V., Smelov V.G.
Automated construction of a 3D plane model at the stage of technical proposals
Borgest N.M., Aleev R.H., Aksanian P.A., Gromov A.A.
Modelling changes of condition of aircraft hydraulic system working fluid
Gareyev A.M.
Coordination of process management mechanisms for design and technological planning of production at the level of staff members
Kirichenko A.S., Khaimovich I.N.
Dynamic process modeling of aircraft engine control system
Blyumin K.V.
Model of economic cooperation between an air carrier and airport structures
Titov B.A., Kropiventseva S.A.
Optimal design of an induction heater of minimum length
Mednikova V.A.
Estimation of the adequacy of electronic flow model and efficiency characteristic of small centripetal turbine drive
Matveev V.N., Shabliy L.S.
Mathematical modeling of dynamic processes in a hydraulic drive with a discrete regulator of liquid flow
Shakhmatov Y.V., Gimadiev A.G., Sverbilov V.Y., Sinyakov A.F.
Correlation and regression model for the assessment of circular non-uniformity of the gas temperature field at the outlet of small gas turbine engine combustion chambers
Lukachev S.V., Abrashkin V.Y., Lansky A.M., Matveev S.G.
Study of the mechanism of flame stabilization in aaluminum-air mixture
Egorov A.G., Tizilov A.S.
Methodology systems approach in models of technological subassembly in the aircraft industry
Barvinok V.A., Tlustenko S.F.
Hemispherical high-speed particle transducer
Izyumov M.V., Syomkin N.D.
Linear mathematical model for the determination of rational treatment conditions on the diamond smoothing operations in the manufacture of aircraft parts
Skuratov D.L., Shvetsov A.N., Abulkhanov S.R.
Simulation and research of factors affecting aerodynamic indices of the gas purification process
Usmanova R.R., Zhernakov V.S.
Economic-mathematical model of system of monetary stimulation of workers of the special mechanical engineering enterprise
Ivanov D.U.
Dynamic modelling of non-linear vibrations in cylindrical tooth gearing of aircraft drive systems
Kalinin D.V., Temis J.M.
Improving the high pressure compressor efficiency by optimizing the stator blades angles
Popov G.M.
Plane high-speed particle transducer
Izyumov M.V., Syomkin N.D.
Methods and models of autonomous control over Earth remote sensing spacecraft survivability
Akhmetov R.N.
Compressor blade erosion modeling
Gumerov A.V., Akmaletdinov R.G.
Using apriori information in interferometric processing of high resolution sar data
Ushenkin V.A., Egoshkin N.A.
Functional chart of a multichannel hydrologic-optical-chemical measuring complex and new measuring channels of hydrophysical parameters
Smirnov G.V., Olenin A.L.
Linear mathematical model for the determination of rational treatment conditions on the finishing end milling operations in the manufacture of aircraft parts
Skuratov D.L.
Questions of economic justification converting aviation engines for use in compressor stations of unified gas supply system
Vorobyov M.Y.
Method of improving control using a simulation object model and its application to the problem of helicopter emergency landing manoeuvre optimization
Kvokov V.N., Trushkova Y.A., Ukhin M.Y.
Test of kinematic model by pneumatic manipulator
Gribkov A.M., Shilin D.V., Filin I.P.
Extrapolation of conditions of an information measuring and control system with the iterative algorithm of operation
Zelensky V.A.
3D model didactic properties investigations for geometrical modeling principles training
Ivashchenko V.I.
Definition of overall limits internal-combustion engine using vector modeling
Kosenok B.B.
Laser optico-acoustical octane meter in systems of optimizing the process of commercial petrol compound-filling
Astapov V.N.
The parameters of turbulence models and grids investigation on CFD results of plane turbine cascade
Zubanov V.M., Krivcov A.V., Shtraub A.A.
Dissipative structures of the Gierer-Meinhardt model of morphogenesis in the stochastic field
Kurushina S.E.
Study of uncertainty of measuring geometrical parameters of gas turbine engine compressor blade profiles
Pechenin V.A., Bolotov M.V., Ruzanov N.V., Yanyukina M.V.
Method of constructing diagnostic models of aircraft hydraulic systems in an analytic form
Kovalev M.A., Borodkin G.V., Khablo I.I.
Forecasting technique of semiconductor diodes quality indicators
Kozlova I.N., Tyulevin S.V., Tokareva A.V.
Simulation of automatic systems of controlling space vehicle drives
Zhuravlyova Y.V.
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