On the development of probes for measuring pressure pulsations in the gas-dynamic channel gas generator


The results of development and experimental studies of acoustic probes with corrective elements in the form of a long line and a serial connection of rubber tube and a metal tube. As a result of the tests obtained the frequency characteristics of acoustic probes in the frequency range of 800 Hz at an air pressure of up to 8.0 kg/cm2. Ana's recommendations for the use of the investigated acoustic probes for measuring pressure fluctuations in the flow path of gas generator.

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V. P. Shorin

Samara State Aerospace University

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A. G. Gimadiyev

Samara State Aerospace University

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Professor of Faculty ASEU

N. D. Bystrov

Samara State Aerospace University

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S. A. Ilyinsky


Email: motor@kuznetsov-motors.ru

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T. G. Alexandrova


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  2. Каталог продукции и измерительных средств. – Саров: ООО «ГлобалТест», 2011. - 58 с.



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