Switched-reactance control of pressure and flow as a way to increase energy efficiency of hydraulic drives – a state-of the-art review


The paper presents a state-of-the-art review of new methods and means to increase energy efficiency of hydraulic drives by usage of a switched-reactance control of pressure and flow. Advantages of the new methods in compare with traditional ones are revealed, examples of their application are given. There are also shown challenges on the way of their wider application.

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V. Ya. Sverbilov

Samara State Aerospace University

Author for correspondence.
Email: v.sverbilov@mail.ru

Russian Federation

Candidate of Technical Science

Assоciate Professor of Automatic Systems of Power Plants

D. M. Stadnik

Samara State Aerospace University

Email: sdm-63@bk.ru

Russian Federation

Graduate, Engineer of Department Automatic Systems of Power Plants

V. N. Iliukhin

Samara State Aerospace University

Email: iwnik@yandex.ru

Russian Federation

Candidate of Technical Science

Associate Professors of the Department of Control Systems of Power Units

D. V. Shamin

Samara State Aerospace University

Email: dimmin08@yandex.ru

Russian Federation



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