Test of kinematic model by pneumatic manipulator


The article is devoted to the development of a three-axis kinematic model of a pneumatic manipulator and the testing of it on a physical model. Optical rangefinders are used as position encoders. The results of physical and mathematical modeling are compared. The reachable area of the manipulator is shown. The control laws of pneumatic actuators have been built on the basis of fuzzy logic.

About the authors

A. M. Gribkov

Moscow Power Engineering Institute (National Research University)

Author for correspondence.
Email: GribkovAM@mpei.ru

Russian Federation

Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor

Head of the Hydro-mechanics and Hydraulic Machines

D. V. Shilin

Moscow Power Engineering Institute (National Research University)

Email: Deninfo@mail.ru

Russian Federation

Post-graduate Student of the Department of Hydro-mechanics and
Hydraulic Machines

I. P. Filin

Moscow Power Engineering Institute (National Research University)

Email: citizen2c298@gmail.com

Russian Federation

Chief Engineer of ТС RGI “MPEI-FESTO”


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