T. F. Zhuraev, Q. R. Zhuvonov, Zh. Kh. Ruziev


In this note we consider covariant functors acting in the categorie of compacts, preserving the shapes of infinite compacts, ANR-systems, moving compacts, shape equivalence, homotopy equivalence and A(N)SR properties of compacts. As well as shape properties of a compact space X consisting of connectedness
components 0 of this compact X under the action of covariant functors, are considered. And we study the shapes equality ShX = ShY of infinite compacts for the space P(X) of probability measures and its subspaces.

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Covariant functors, A(N)R-compacts, ANR-systems, probability measures, moving compacts, retracts, measures of finite support, shape equivalence, homotopy equivalence.

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