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The article studies relevancy of the historiographic tradition (it dates back to the 17th century) to consider the document «draft chelobitnaya to Peter I» by foreman V. Zorin in the events of the rebellion of 1698 as a kind of chelobithaya’s. The author proposes the hypothesis and confirms the relevance of revising the source study status of the document and giving it the status of a letter. The verification procedure is carried out in accordance with the current source classification on the basis of detailed analysis of the document form. At the same time, the facts presented by the draftsman are verified by the author as historical facts. Besides, the author formulates the new name of the document. The methodology of the study is based on the principles of historism and multifactority of the historical process. The author uses historical-antropological approach as well as comparative-historical, comparative-analytical and dialectical methods. Also, the author analyzes the essence and the content of the document form. Having undertaken the substantive consideration of the text of the «draft chelobitnaya», the author notes the absence in it of mandatory signs characteristic of the petitions and tales of the end of the 17th century and concludes that there are grounds for classifying the document as a type of letter. The free style of writing best fit the hidden intentions and allowed the foreman V. Zorin to give the document the intended meaning of the «rebellious» manifesto. The author presents arguments allowing to interpret the Amen indicated in the statement as confirmation of the intention to fulfill the vow, with which the text of the document should be correlated. As a result of the study, the author formulates a new name for the document.

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V. V. Zapletin

Samara National Research University

Author for correspondence.
Email: morenov@ssau.ru
ORCID iD: 0000-0002-7045-4310

postgraduate student, Department of Russian History


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