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The article considers the problem of dramatic plot from the standpoint of historical poetics. On the material of the 19th century Russian drama it is proved that the plot becomes an important dramatic category of modern times. It is a method to express the author’s vision from the point which is ‘outside’ the dramatic picture as a completed and integral one as well as a way to evaluate the created dramatic world. The important point of the research is the assertion that in the modern drama the action ceases to be the main category of the dramatic poetics and the hero turns out to be important not only as an actant, due to whom the action develops and the image of the world is made, but also as ‘an eye’. He indicates the necessity of perceiving every moment of the dramatic action not form the viewpoint of its participant, but ‘form the outside’, that is from the viewpoint of the creator of the dramatic picture.
The work underlines that the personage’s point of view, according to which he evaluates everything that is going on, was going on or is just potentially possible, – is individual, personal. The hero’s vision is limited by the possibilities of the personage’s character and situation. But due to his world viewpoint the reader/spectator gets an opportunity to interact – on a dialogical basis – with the author’s viewpoint as also individual, personal.
A special role in proving of the suggested theses is played by the image of a pнcaro. In Gogol’s, Turgenev’s, Chekhov’s drama as the drama of modern times he is not so much a provoker providing the development of the dramatic action, supporting the dynamics of its development – as ‘an eye’. His provocations cease to be effective. The author concentrates his attention on the paradoxicality of the hero’s position, on his evaluation of his own fate, on the subtle portrayal of potentially possible variants of its development.

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L. G. Tyutelova

Samara National Research University

Author for correspondence.
Doctor of Philological Sciences, associate professor, head of the Department
of Russian and Foreign Literature and Public Relations


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