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In the article the results of analysis of long-term experience of teachers of the Russian Language and Mass Communication Department of Samara National Research University on formation of professional communicative competence within the framework of a two-level system of training at preparation of bachelors and masters of Russian philology are stated.
In accordance with the requirements of state-of-the-art standards of the latest generation, which contain a number of competences that have direct or indirect connection with voice communication, a two-level model of students’ education has been built in the framework of the bachelor’s program (profile «Domestic philology») and the master’s program (profile «Russian language and communication in professional sphere»). This model is based on the principle of continuity, consistently embodied both within each level, and between the levels of bachelor’s and master’s degrees. The developed and tested system of preparation of philologists is shown in detail, in which communicative competence is one of the priority ones, formed through general cultural, professional competencies and ensuring the readiness of philologists to effective professional communication. This cycle at the Bachelor and Master’s levels is subject to cycles of disciplines, which include a wide range of theoretical and practical-oriented training courses covering different aspects of communication and different spheres of professional communication: pedagogical, expert, editorial, advertising and others.
Taking into account the priority position of communicative competence (especially in the framework of the above-mentioned master’s program), various active and interactive methods and techniques that develop the skills of various types of communicative activity of future specialists in the field of philology take an important place in the teaching of all academic disciplines at different stages

About the authors

N. A. Ilyukhina

Samara National Research University

Author for correspondence.
Doctor of Philological Sciences, professor, head of the Department of Russian Language and Mass Communication


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