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The article examines the first armed revolutionary demonstration initiated by the SRs on December 5–6, 1904 in Moscow, during which there were acute clashes and which, according to the level of preparedness, scope and immediate consequences, was a landmark event in the life of the ancient capital. The beginning of the Socialist-Revolutionary organization in Moscow at the end of 1896 was put by prominent figures of the Union of Socialist-Revolutionaries, founded in Saratov: Argunov, M.E. Argunova, S.I. Barykov, V.I. Evreinov, A.S. Martynov, V.N. Pereverzev, A.A. Chepik, N.M. Chernov. The Socialist-Revolutionary organization of Moscow by the end of 1904 was considered exemplary in the party of the Socialist Revolutionaries. It conducted active agitation among students, students, intellectuals, workers. In autumn 1904, given the worsening of social tension, the Moscow Committee of the Socialist-Revolutionary Party began organizing an armed demonstration, appointing it on December 5 and 6. Special hopes were placed on the workers of the Prokhorovka Manufactory. December 5, 1904 in the demonstration were involved about two thousand people, mostly students and intellectuals. During the demonstration, violent clashes occurred with the use of weapons, at this time more than 30 people were injured. In the demonstration on December 6, about 300 people participated.

The demonstration on December 5–6 was sympathetically received by students and intellectuals. On the leaders of the dispersal of the demonstration, Grand Duke Sergei Aleksandrovich and D.F. Trepov, the SRs organized assassinations. The demonstration on December 5–6, 1904, was the first mass armed revolutionary manifestation in Moscow in the early 20th century. In 1905 armed clashes between demonstrators and government troops became commonplace.


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