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The paper deals with the concept of «artistic image» and the means employed by Roald Dahl to introduce key characters’ image in the children’s literary tale «Matilda».
As the research shows, R. Dahl succeeds in giving a detailed portrait of the protagonist in the introductory passages of the tale, which is realized through the main aspects of the character portrayal. Thus, the reader is given information on Mathilda’s appearance, her age, but above these he learns about her intellectual abilities of high order as well as her passion for reading books. The writer depicts a true-to-life image of a lonely girl totally neglected by her parents. However in spite of the misunderstanding between Mathilda and the-grown-ups she turned out to be a unique and smart personality who does her best to realize her ambitions. Besides the above Roald Dahl creates the image of Mathilda as a well-bred, independent girl capable of expressing her own point of view which is revealed through her unwillingness to follow the imposed stereotypes of behavior. The writer skillfully employs the figure of antithesis as a key means of revealing his attitude towards the character. Alongside the above stylistic figure in depicting the most characteristic features of the girl Roald Dahl resorts to variegated epithets which add emotional colouring and vividness to the character portrayal. The research shows that all the mentioned traits of Mathilda’s individual, personality presented by the author in the first chapter are exposed further within the plot developing.
The authors of the present article come to the conclusion that the means of character introduction are the essential part of the overall character image portrayal as they give the reader a good chance to make out what kind of personality the depicted character is and to disclose the author’s individual attitude towards the character.

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E. B. Borisova

Samara State University of Social Sciences and Education

Author for correspondence.

E. V. Kobzeva

Samara State University of Social Sciences and Education



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