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The article deals with the study of specific features of sport events representation in English fictional discourse on the material of the novel «Saturday» by a British writer Ian McEwan. The article combines both a review of the theory on the question of cognitive models and specific features of fiction and sports discourse, and analysis of the text. Within the framework of this particular research models of the author’s sport events representation are analysed with a view to distinguishing their specific discursive dominants. The author of the article considers that such discursive dominants as psychological state of participants, their perception of a site and circumstances of an event are specific to the author’s sport events representation in English fictional discourse. As s result of the conducted research it was discovered that intensification of certain types of discursive dominants is determined by the pragmatic purpose of the author of the text; in this particular case the intention of the author of the fiction text is an effort to exert influence on the reader by portraying the inward life and surroundings of characters and their mutual relations in a detailed and vivid way. The article also considers such feature of the kind of texts under analysis as introspection; in the course of the whole description of the sport event the main character asks himself numerous fundamental questions about his existence. Within the framework of the conducted research the phenomenon of interdiscursivity was studied; in this case it is regarded as a specific feature of dialogic textual interaction between texts belonging to fiction and sports discourse. The result of this interaction is the usage by the author of this fictional text of significant number of lexemes denoting various things relating to squash – a traditional British ball game. The article also deals with the specific linguistic means used by the author with the purpose of influencing the reader.

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E. V. Bezborodnikova

Samara National Research University

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