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The article considers pragmatic and ethnocultural connotations of signs of indirect nomination. The main idea of the article is that fictional discourse allows each nominal unit to realize its implicational relations and actualize discursive, cognitive, situational and sound associations in ethnolinguistic mentality. The author’s conception is focused on researching how are the senses of the linguistic signs generating, taking into account their basic relationships: syntactics (discoursal context), semantics (the evaluativity and the picturesque of the linguistic unit), pragmatics (author’s creative task and the way it becomes actualized in author’s metaphorical patterns). Each
aspect possesses a particular subject of research.

About the authors

I. I. Chumak-Zhun'

Belgorod State National Research University

Author for correspondence.
ORCID iD: 0000-0002-1825-0097
Russian Federation

Zh. A. Shcherbak

high school № 2

ORCID iD: 0000-0002-1825-0097
Russian Federation


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Copyright (c) 2016 Chumak-Zhun' I.I., Shcherbak Z.A.

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