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The article explains the importance of poetry by A. Blok and

N. Gumilyev as the source of the conception of love in Simonovs

cycle «With You and Without You». The author sets the nature of

intertextual connections and determinates borrowed motives and images.

Bloks and Gumilyevs pretexts complement each other, and at the

same time Bloks poetry is used completely, and Gumilyevs works are

used selectively: Simonov focuses only on cycle «To the Blue Star».

The predecessors tradition is especially important to create an image

of lyrical heroine. Simonovs heroine is the embodiment of the eternal

feminine, she combines the features of demonic woman, womanstar,

woman-element, Russia-wife. The paper shows the poems of

the cycle are revealed not only similar motives but direct textual

allusions to the poetry by Blok and Gumilyev.


About the authors

I. N. Korzhova

Орский колледж искусств

Author for correspondence.
Email: morenovsv@ssau.ru
ORCID iD: 0000-0002-1825-0097


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