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The current situation in Russia requires effective measures, the implementation of which will help to reverse negative trends and bring our country to a new level of development. Currently, the government has initiated a number of state programs aimed at initiating and supporting development processes in several priority areas, including national security, digitalization, and industrial and energy development. At the same time, the key direction that determines the principal possibility of achieving strategic goals in these vectors is the innovative development of domestic enterprises. Despite the efforts of the state and its active support for the process of innovative transformation, at present the innovative activity of Russian enterprises is unacceptably low. The analysis of conditions and specifics of innovative development of domestic enterprises allows us to speak about the «forced» form of their innovative development, in which there is a significant gap between the requirements of the external environment and the ability to respond to them from the internal environment. In this context, in order to activate the innovative activity of domestic enterprises, it is proposed to bring the internal environment of enterprises into a balanced state, in which the disproportions between the production sphere and the current management system are leveled. Management innovations should serve as a tool for bringing the current enterprise management system into balance, which will not only increase efficiency and bring it into line with the requirements of changes, but also ensure the activation of innovative potential, which determines their priority when addressing the issue of balancing the management and production spheres.

About the authors

Oksana N. Kiseleva

Yuri Gagarin State Technical University of Saratov

Author for correspondence.
Email: oksana@briik.ru
ORCID iD: 0000-0003-2741-2753

Doctor of Economics, Professor of the Department of «Economic Security and Innovation Management»

Russian Federation


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